Best Guide Dogs For Blind People

A guide dog for the blind is a type of dog trained to guide blind or severely impaired people, either to accompany them in their day to day or to help them in the home or professional work. These breeds of dogs have a series of rights and privileges that the rest of dogs do not have, and that they are also legally recognized.

These animals have the right to access places and spaces for public use, regardless of their ownership, as long as they accompany their owner (blind or visually impaired person). This right is guaranteed by various laws issued by the different Autonomous Communities.

The guide dogs are trained to be aware of possible dangers that their owner is not able to see, such as architectural barriers or a level crossing. To develop this kind of skills, guide dogs have to have a fairly high intellectual capacity and an advanced level of training.

The dogs of these breeds are characterized for being very intelligent and active dogs reason why they become very adapted to the function of the guide dog.

They are animals eager to learn and those who like to help their owner. The size varies according to race, sex, and age.

What breeds can be guide dogs?

Mainly there are 3 types of breeds that fit into the profile of a guide dog:


This type of race is characterized by its dense and strong hair, which we can see several layers, from white to black through the chocolate layer. It is the race most used as a guide dog, thanks to the sociability, intelligence, and work that it is capable of developing for its owner.

German Shepherd

These dogs are intelligent, dynamic and quick in their decisions, something that makes them very inclined to be guide dogs. For this type of animal, it is necessary that the person they help has a special affection and empathy so that the animal feels safe when it has to help.

Golden Retriever

They are a type of guide dog that is characterized by its sensitivity, its initiative and are usually golden in color, and with long and silky hair.

These are the most common guide dog breeds , however in recent years several initiatives have been undertaken to train dogs of other breeds, and even use mixtures of dogs, and stray dogs , as one more way to solve the problem of people blind and, on the other hand, to give a home and function to stray dogs.

Because of its exceptional kindness, kindness, energy, and kindness, this breed is considered a good company for people of all ages. They are usually trained to be part of police brigades in search and rescue operations, so they are made for the job.