Tips That Can Fix Your Toilet

As soon as you notice that the toilets are clogged, do not operate the flush, you risk a flood! First Lift the plate outward to see if it is not the collector that is clogged. If so, simply unclog the line.

Otherwise, unclog the pipe from the inside using a suction cup. And there, it must be known, it is not done because the plunger can propel only very small amounts of water.

Prepared for the painful task that awaits you, armed with courage, you must apply the plunger on the hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl and pump several times until the stopper unblocks and disintegrates, doing well be careful not to damage the bowl.

Once the toilet is finally uncorked, flush it.

You can also use a plunger with a pump that will disperse the cap and disintegrate it.
This pump is significantly more efficient than the suction the toilets. If you can not open the toilet, it is probably the plug is in the siphon or in the drain pipe.

Then probe the pipe with a plumber’s ferret.

t is a kind of long spring that adapts to all forms of piping to the most twisted elbow siphon.

Operate it back and forth and rotate until the cap is completely removed. When the cap is removed, you can finally flush the toilet.

It will cause the last impurities and renew the water of the siphon.

At this stage of the operation, if the toilets are still clogged, there, without regret, call a plumber that fixes toilets.